Emily Joan Smith is a new age folk singer/songwriter from Louisville, KY. Emily’s passion lies in creating music with the intention to inspire inner stillness, insight, wonder, connection, and a deepening awareness of the sacred mystery of what it means to be a human. A prolific professional singer with a wide range of genre experience, she often accompanies her sweet, soothing vocals with gentle guitar picking or a droning harmonium. Also a certified yoga teacher, her original music includes influences ranging from bhakti yoga devotional chant to 60’s folk to indie folk. Her debut album Awaken weaves and fuses these genres together while exploring deep, heart-opening, existential questions about humanity and the reality of our sacred connectedness to each other and to All of Life.


In addition to her original music, Emily also leads local monthly kirtans. Kirtan is one of the core practices of Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of love and devotion. Sanskrit mantras are chanted and sung, often in a call and response style, and accompanied by the harmonium, drums, and sometimes other instruments. Songs range from soft and meditative to upbeat and blissful. These beautiful, repetitive mantras help to clear and calm the mind, uplift the spirit, and awaken and open the heart.

Kirtan is meant to be a participatory musical experience, though no musical experience is required to participate! Guests are also welcome to just come and listen. Bring your voice, and/or maybe even an instrument if you like, or just come to offer your presence and listen to the beautiful music. During kirtan we also spend some time in guided meditation, silent meditation, and contemplation, all within a supportive container of loving community.